How Do Businesses Utilize NSFW AI for Customer Insights?

Such kind of content should be identified and stopped from the freeway

Brands turn to AI for brand safety The use of AI technologies is on the rise as businesses look to ensure brand safety and provide a good customer experience. A prime example is the use of NSFW AI which can be used to automatically screen obscene content in user-generated content. The system works, too; one major social media platform claims it uses NSFW AI to inform 90% of the inappropriate media it removes from public view—ensuring that the offending content does not see the light of day and keeping the platform in line with both community standards and legal guidelines.

Enhancing User Experience

Safe[sic] online spaces is an extension for all companies so experience have a great role playing for a trust the experience. This technology is incredibly useful in platforms having a multitude of user interactions such as Social Media, forums or customer reviews. The recent industry reports suggest that the platforms using reliable content moderation ouas have 70% more engagement since a user feels more secure and appreciated.

Helping Marketing Strategies

Of course when it relates to what is safe for work, NSFW AI also has an important role in marketing, and very notably in brand safety / placements. NSFW artificial intelligence prevents advertisers from putting an advertisement on a page that is classified as NSFW and could damage the brand being promoted. A recent study involving leading online advertisers showed that AI-powered content moderation could cut the risk of brand damage by 50 per cent, by shielding them from association with harmful content.

Real-time Content Moderation

Real-time moderation is another important field where NSFW AI has a major role to play. NSFW AI tools are capable of analyzing content immediately and kick in during the live broadcast of real-time user interactions. Live events and discussions are subject to change at any time, so it is important to have the ability to uphold the rules of those as appropriate and inclusive as possible. A case in point, one of the largest streaming companies has rolled out AI moderation on live chat and it has resulted in a 40% decrease in the rate of reported violations of their live streaming moderation guidelines.

Further Work and Future Directions

For commercial NSFW AI, the likely direction it is headed to is a more advanced system that is parallelizable, which can comprehend more context to the nuances and cultural differences in the content. AI will continue to evolve and give deeper ways to understand the behavior and preference of your customers to facilitate better content targeting and marketing strategies.

To further elaborate on how NSFW AI is changing the way customer engagement and business strategies, take a look at nsfw ai. In this resource, you can delve into the nuances and ethics of AI implementation in content moderation and customer engagement strategies.

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