Can Students Get a Discount on Spotify Premium?

Student Discount: Various requirements apply

I know, who would turn down a big Spotify Premium discount for students. The regular price on Spotify is roughly cut by 50 % for all students. This offer is valid only for students in any approved higher education institution.

How do you get the Spotify student discount?

The student membership for Spotify Premium includes the added perk off a couple dollars off Spotifys normal $9.99 rate, falling to just $4.99 a month. The promotion also wraps in all other Premium perks like ad-free listening, on-demand playback, and the downloading of songs for offline listening.

Verification Process

Students will have to verify their enrollment status through SheerID, a third-party service that certifies the validity of students. Verification is quick and easy, where students just need to provide their university email address and should be ready with the supporting documentation.

Duration and Renewal

This discount is active for 12 months of the subscription date The discount can be renewed for up to three consecutive years as long as we can confirm that you are still in school via an annual validation.

Access to Hulu and showtime

Moreover, the U.S. student subscriptionof Spotify Premium now also includes Hulu (ad-supported), and SHOWTIME, which makes it even more valuable. This package consists of several other services in addition to music; such movies, TV shows, and more, all for a low price.

How to Subscribe

Students can sign up by visiting the student section on Spotify’s site, and verifying their eligibility. Verified students can begin a subscription to Premium for half the regular price, right this very second, and enjoy all that Premium has to offer.

To learn more about how Spotify Premium makes your music more enjoyable, please visit spotify premium.

This large discount will save tons of money on their favorite jams, making their music experience just that much more affordable. Spotify is aware that a lot of students are strapped for cash, and hence the discount to make their subscription services more appealing to the student crowd. The Spotify Premium student discount offers learners an opportunity to improve the quality of their day to day life with an expansive library of music and entertainment.

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